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David Miles-Hanschell’s Remarkable Journey: ‘Diary of a Shipping Clerk’ Now Available

In a world filled with stories of courage and compassion, few can match the extraordinary journey of David Miles-Hanschell. As a retired schoolteacher, he embarked on a mission that has touched the lives of countless people in need. His experiences and adventures have now been beautifully chronicled in the book, “Diary of a Shipping Clerk.”

A Remarkable Journey Begins

David Miles-Hanschell’s journey began over a decade ago when he witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan in Grenada. Instead of standing idly by, he decided to take action. This pivotal moment led to the creation of the Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF), a charity dedicated to collecting and shipping surplus educational resources to developing nations.

The Impact of His Work

Over the years, David and his team at SESF have collected and shipped books, furniture, and educational materials from schools across Inverclyde and beyond to communities in need. Their efforts have transformed the lives of students and teachers in struggling schools, providing hope and opportunities for a brighter future.

“Diary of a Shipping Clerk”

Now, David Miles-Hanschell has penned his remarkable journey in “Diary of a Shipping Clerk.” This compelling book offers a firsthand account of the challenges, triumphs, and heartwarming moments that have defined his mission. Through his words, readers can immerse themselves in the inspiring world of humanitarian work and discover the power of one person’s determination to make a difference.


Inverclyde schools’ support to Grenada

A SHIPMENT of unwanted books and furniture from schools across Inverclyde has been sent to the Caribbean.

Retired schoolteacher David Miles-Hanschell loaded up the final items into a container headed for Grenada at Greenock Ocean Terminal.

Goods including books and furniture from local schools and the former James Watt College are being shipped to the Caribbean country to
help improve struggling communities.

They are being sent by David via his charity Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF), which was was founded 11 years ago to assist in the aftermath of the Hurricane Ivan disaster in Grenada.

He told the Tele: “It has taken the best part of five years to see this shipment of educational resources from Inverclyde Council schools and James Watt College collected by janitors and staff and teachers from Glenburn School, Sacred Heart and St Michael’s primary schools to mention a few on its way.

“I thank the good folk of Inverclyde.

“Thanks must also go to port manager Andrew Hemphill and the team at Peel Ports Clydeport Ocean Terminal who were patient with me beyond the call of virtue. They deserve a lot of credit.

“Also, Craig Morrison and the team at Freightliner Coatbridge and not least the Greenock Telegraph and many anonymous Inverclyde supporters who encouraged me on a daily basis from day one while I was based in the Oak Mall.”

Source : – http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/greenock/14427035.Inverclyde./


Furniture donated to new Woburn Methodist School


The Woburn Methodist School has been completely rebuilt by the Government of  Grenada and was occupied at the start of the third term.  Government funded the construction of the beautiful new facility, but it was left to the school to provide much-needed new furniture.

Gift Grenada, Inc. is a local registered non-profit company organized to perform charity work with its primary focus being support to the primary schools.  Woburn Methodist is one of four schools adopted and supported by Gift Grenada.  When it was learned that Woburn Methodist needed furniture, contact was made with Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF) of Scotland, United Kingdom.  Mr. David Miles-Hanschell is Chief Executive and Founder of SESF.  He is a retired school teacher who began in 2004 to collect used school furniture and supplies for shipment to developing countries.  Over the past decade he has shipped to Ghana, Nicaragua, Liberia and Jamaica, in addition to Grenada following Hurricane Ivan.

It was most fortunate that Mr. Hanschell had on hand a forty foot (40’) container loaded with school furniture which he readily agreed to send to Grenada for Woburn Methodist School.  Over the past several months David continued to collect books and supplies to include in the shipment while arranging transport of the container from Scotland to Portsmouth, England.  Several organizations, too many to recognize here, donated their services to make this happen.  One in particular, NGL – Noble Global Logistics, U.K. Ltd., managed by Mr. Ioannis Kottoros was instrumental in arranging and organizing the many logistical hurdles involved.  From Portsmouth the container was shipped by Geest Lines to Grenada.  Gift Grenada, Inc. has paid the shipping costs as well as clearing agent’s fee and transportation costs from the port to the school.

Mrs. Annie Vidal of Pt. Salines is a strong supporter of Gift Grenada.  She and her talented team of housewives created many beautiful handicraft items for sale at a Craft Show held at her home.  The proceeds more than covered the cost of the shipment.  Another craft show/fund raiser is planned for November, 2016.

The principal and staff of Woburn Methodist have been very busy over the past several weeks assembling and distributing the furniture.  Mr. Richard Japal, the school principal, had the following to say:

To: Gift Grenada Inc and Mr. David Miles Hanschell (Isle of Bute Scotland)

Your timely assistance (financial and other wise) in helping to facilitate firstly; this container of furniture and school supplies from an international source; then all of the shipping arrangements and the behind the scenes work to get it to us here at the Woburn Methodist School all the way from Scotland, demonstrates your deep commitment to our school as we work in partnership in fulfilling our mandate of inclusive education through closer collaboration with our co-operate citizens local and foreign.

As we begin afresh at our new facilities the need for furnishings was paramount and you came at the right time to fill this void. Such generous gifts from donors like you provide the material and moral support to needy students and institutions like ours so that we can continue our mission of providing a balanced, well rounded education to our nation’s boys and girls.

Your support will play a pivotal role in our success as a learning institution, where we strive to reduce illiteracy through the infusion of technology into our classrooms and at the same time endeavour to enhance student’s performance in literacy and numeracy.

Words in no way can fully express our gratitude to your organizations. Hence, we will be continually inspired by your dedication and generosity. On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, the Methodist School Board, PTA Body, Staff, students and myself (Principal) I extend to you a warm and most heartfelt thank you.

We look forward to a continuing partnership with you. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

From: The Principal, Staff and students of the Woburn Methodist School.


College kit goes long way to help students

JAMES Watt College has donated 18 van loads of unwanted classroom furniture to charity, Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation.

The organisation ships the items to schools in the Third World.

It is hoped that the college’s donation will benefit schools and colleges in Liberia.

David Miles-Hanschell, executive director of the charity, said: “It is nothing short of amazing just how many useable school items such as computers, books and furniture are thrown out.

“I seek out these supplies and re-cycle them.”

Source : – http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/13237627.college-kit-goes-long-way-to/


Charity looks to ship resources to African schools in need

A retired primary school teacher and social entrepreneur is hoping to deliver two 40 feet ocean freight containers of educational resources to schools in Africa over the forthcoming month.

David Miles-Hanschell, who is based on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, taught in Canadian and Scottish schools since 1974, and retired from teaching in 2008. David, who was raised in the West Indies island of Barbados, is the founder and executive director of Scottish charity Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation, that specialises in the supply of school resources to those in need.

Following Hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004 on the West Indies island of Grenada, David was inspired to help the victims of the disaster and set up an initial project at North Bute Primary School. After raising funds, he organised delivery of old textbooks, furniture and computers for the Grand Roy Government School on the island.

Since his initial entreprenurial fundraiser, David has set up various charitable initiatives to supply and deliver educational resources to international schools for more than a decade. His charity efforts quickly gained momentum and in February 2008, Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation received official charitable status from The Scottish Charity’s Regulator and was entered on the Scottish Charity Register.

His current project is the latest in a line of efforts to send surplus educational material from Scotland to communities hit by poverty and natural disaster in Africa and the Caribbean.

Other social entreprenuerial projects include the delivery of a 40 feet container of educational resources to the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) in 2008, financed entirely by David’s own funds; and in 2009 arrangements were made with West Dunbartonshire Council to send a container load of primary school educational resources from Golden Hill Primary School to Ghana.

Since its inception, David’s charity has received support from various companies and institutions, including a letter of endorsement from Alan Reid member of Parliament for Arygll and Bute, House of Commons. In the letter sent to the charity in 2007, Alan said: “It is evident that you are making great progress regarding the recycling of surplus educational supplies and that with each successful venture, another project emerges. May I take this opportunity to commend you for all the hard work and effort you have put into making these projects succeed.”

Corporate support in 2011 from Riverside Inverclyde Properties Ltd,  James Walker Devol Engineering Ltd , National Semi Conductor (Texas Instruments) and retailer Morrisons has enabled the charity to purchase large quantities of textbooks from the English ,science and social sciences departments of Scottish high schools including The Greenock Academy, The Gourock High School, Notre Dame High School, and Port Glasgow High School. These educational supplies were recently transferred into storage in September 2012.

Councillor Terry Loughran, Inverclyde Council’s Education and Life long Learning Committee member, summed up the David’s charity efforts and its impact on international communities and the logistics industry:

The commitment David has shown over a number of years and the effort he has put in has made a difference al lover the world is astonishing. He is providing a service to the people of Inverclyde by using books we no longer need. If any of our books can go out there and make a difference then that is positive. Education opens the mind. We are also giving access to unoccupied warehouses on a month-to-month basis and we’re glad to see unoccupied buildings being used.


Old school furniture to get a new lease of life in Nicaragua

FURNITURE left abandoned in a city primary since it closed three years ago is to be shipped out to Third World schools, thanks to the Evening News.

Dozens of pieces of school furniture including tables, chairs, gym equipment and even a piano have been left lying in Curriehill Primary since 2007, sparking criticism that it should have been re-used elsewhere in the city or donated to charity.

After the Evening News revealed images which had been posted on the internet showing the discarded furniture, a local charity got in touch with the council to see if it would donate the Curriehill items so they could be shipped out to schools in poor countries.

David Miles Hanschell is a former teacher who runs an organisation called Surplus Educational Supplies, which sends school equipment to developing nations and has a base in Granton. He said the talks have been fruitful and he is now preparing a shipment to schools in Nicaragua.

He added: “I was out in Nicaragua in December last year and visited schools and saw how absolutely desperate they are.”

Also set to benefit from the Curriehill furniture is Make It 4 Africa, an Edinburgh-based charity which raises money for new schools and equipment in Ghana. Volunteer Zak Abdulai said: “We are opening a school in one of the villages in September and this will help to equip not only that school, but other schools out there. Pentland Hills councillor Ricky Henderson has been helping Mr Hanschell get the equipment from Curriehill after being informed by the Evening News about the dozens of pieces of abandoned furniture.

He said: “I hope children elsewhere in the world benefit from the equipment that our council saw fit to neglect.” A spokeswoman for the council said: “The council is pleased to assist this charity, it’s good to see disused school furniture go to a good cause.”

The Make It 4 Africa charity is looking for more donations of school furniture, such as desks and chairs, as well as volunteer teachers who could either go out to work in Ghana or who could help advise on planning a curriculum for the new school.

If you can help, you can get in touch with the charity by e-mailing Zak Abdulai on zak.abdulai@scvo.org.uk

Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/news/old-school-furniture-to-get-a-new-lease-of-life-in-nicaragua-1-1246161


Sports Gear Donation from Rothesay Netherwood School

Haiti Relief is very pleased to announce that Rothesay Netherwood have donated the following items to the children of Haiti. We are enormously grateful for their generosity.

White soccer top37
Blue Soccer top18
Green Feild Hockey top16
White Basketball top15
Blue basketball bottom33
Blue basketball top26
Reversable Basketball top7
Green Soccer top10
Green pinnie9
Blue Soccer Top 214
Green Shorts10
Blue long sleeved top12
Miscellaneous shirts20
Blue Umbro Top4
Miscellaneous pinnes/tops10

Container Makes Way From Scotland to Haiti

A Varied Team Working Together Make Possible Another Much Needed Delivery of Educational Resources

On Tuesday 30/05/2017 a 40 foot 0cean freight container was loaded onto a trailer that the been parked outside the former Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation, SCO39331, Unit 12 of the West Shore Business Centre, Shore Road, Granton,Edinburgh EH51QT since Monday27/ 03/2017. It was collected by Duncan Adams Transport Ltd, and it was delivered to the Port of Grangemouth on Wednesday afternoon 31/05/2017.

Donated List of Educational Supplies May 2017

There in Granton, over the ensuing weeks, the container was loaded with a cargo of educational resources and refurbished bicycles by Brake The Cycle’s Team www.edinburgh.gov.uk/brakethecycle.

On Tuesday 08/06/2017 the container will be loaded on to the Hapag Lloyd container ship the AldebaranJ. The ship will leave later from Antwerp on Wednesday 21/06/2017 for Port of Everglades Florida,USA, scheduled to arrive on Sunday 02/07/2017. At this port it will be transshipped aboard a Crowley Inc. shipping line vessel and delivered to Port au Prince, Republic of Haiti. These bare facts involved in the logistics of the recent trans Atlantic shipment of aid to Dame Marie,South West Region of The Republic of Haiti only tell part of a story that would take many pages of several books to relate.


First I shall outline a little back ground. For the past thirteen years I have attempted,  at great personal cost, to salvage some of the large quantity of fit for purposes educational resources that Scottish Local Authorities have chosen to transport, at rate payers expense, to land fill sites.

Thanks to Edinburgh City Council who loaned me the use of a derelict industrial unit, whose roof at my own expense I had repaired, I was able to store many more resources that I was able to acquire. From the site in Granton another Charity; Edinburgh Direct Aid, were able to acquire resources for a large Syrian Refugee Camp school in the Lebanon.

This recent shipment to the Republic of Haiti post the 2010 Earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016 came about in an indirect manner.

Last year in July, I was able to return to my home Island of Barbados, West Indies. My cousin invited myself and Family for lunch. His daughter, in the midst of gathered relations, asked me what I intended to do now with my time, given that the Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation: a Scottish Registered charity SCO39331 for the past nine years had been dissolved.

I replied that I hoped one day to go to The Republic of Haiti and build a school. I had just spent a year On the SQA, NPA Plumbing and Construction Course at West College Scotland Paisley Campus and two year prior on SQA Access To Construction Skills Course at Argyll College in Rothesay Isle of Bute.

Need less to say my reply to my Young cousin’s question was met with no little incredulity by the Family. However my host came to the rescue and told me that a friend of his made regular trips to Haiti with containers of aid to the survivors of the Earthquake in 2010 and offered to introduce me to him. As they say the rest is history. One event leads to another, and failure does not mean the end of a dream.

I knew that the overweening ambition that I expressed then though way beyond my means or capacity to fulfill was not the end; for I could not have anticipated then where it has lead to.

On my return Scotland the fact that there still was, a large quantity of educational resources in Unit 12 that had to be distributed to deserving beneficiaries in a manner that would warrant the trouble and peronal cost to salvage them weighed heavily on my mind. One day I got back in contact with someone whose teams had enabled me to salvage library books from The Morningside and MacDonal Libraries in Edinburgh.

He suggested that one of his teams could assist me in the inventory of salvage resources and possibly load them should I get the opportunity to make another shipment.

During month of February I learned about a Canadian couple who had had their home in Dame Marie destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. This couple along with other Teams are engaged in rebuilding a school in that community.

Three groups with different agendas have come together and along with individuals in the corporate transportation collaborated to make this shipment of Container TDRU8229551 possible. Time will prove how valuable this shipment was to its recipients.

David Miles-Hanschell