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David CV

The Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation: what it is, what it has achieved to date and who is supporting it.

My name is David Miles- Hanschell. I am a qualified Primary School Teacher and Philanthropist /Social Entrepreneur, who has taught at schools in Canada and in Scotland since 1974 and at North Bute Primary School, Port Bannatyne, Isle of Bute, Scotland, United Kingdom until 2008 and retired from the Education Service of Argyll& Bute Council in July 2008. My teaching career in Scotland began formally, in 1975 at Sunnyside Primary School Craigend ,Easterhouse , Glasgow of the then Strathclyde Regional Council. My teacher training in Scotland began in 1974 at Silverknowes Primary School and later at Victoria Primary School in Edinburgh .

How did the project start?

  • When I heard about the destruction of the Island of Grenada in the West Indies as a result of hurricane Ivan on 07/09/2004 and later hurricane Emily, I shared this news with my Primary 4/5 class as we were doing a project on the weather. They were eager to help and they began a small enterprise holding a bring and buy sales to raise money. With this they bought new books and primary school curricular materials . Their entrepreneurial spirit encouraged the rest of the school to follow their example and become involved . This activity also resulted in each pupil of the school filling an A4 wallets with stationery, which resulted in five large card board boxes being air -freighted out to Grand Roy Government School, Grand Roy ,parish of St John Grenada,West Indies in 16/06/2005.
  • However I felt compelled to do something also practical myself, that would contribute to the relief and reconstruction of that devastated island’s schools. Since 90% of the island of Grenada’s schools were damaged and many beyond repair.
  • In Scotland the school closures (as a result of the falling birth-rate and national government investment in new-build schemes), and the almost continuous wasteful in my view renewing of educational resources by no means no longer out of date, gave me the idea of recycling these surplus educational resources (textbooks, classroom furniture, IT equipment) where ever possible . This would extend the classroom usefulness of these resources, and perhaps, might also, help to re-equip and aid the recovery of Grenada’s school system, and other schools in the Developing World.. I firmly believed, that here was an opportunity where I could contribute to the reconstruction of at least one Grenadian school.. Over the next five years it was to become five schools:- Grand Roy Government School; Calliste Government School; St Paul’s Government School; the Grenada Boys Secondary School.,Samaritan Presbyterian Primary School,Woburn Methodist School,Woburn St George ,Grenada,W.I
  • “There is no state, no matter how well resourced that can meet all the needs of an impacted community within a time frame that satisfies individuals.” Jeremy Collymore co-ordinator of The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency.

What has been achieved to date?

On 01/07/2005 my first shipment of surplus to requirements educational resources left Scotland for Grand Roy Government School, Grand Roy, St John’s, Grenada West Indies. I had organised and packed these resources from Argyll schools. This initial shipment was financed by Argyll and Bute Council ,J&J Denholm Ltd (Glasgow) and myself..

Sterling Yacht Services Ltd the Boatyard Port Bannatyne Isle of Bute in 2004 offered me space to store resources in a 20 reefer which I purchased for that purpose as they were received .And in 2006 provided a crane to place a 40ft container in position which I had also purchased on 24/04/2006 and to lift the container for inspection (All free of charge) until they bought my 20 ‘storage reefer and the charity’s move to larger premises in Edinburgh in 2010.

On 28/11/2005 a second shipment of surplus resources, collected from the three Primary Schools and the one Secondary School on the Isle of Bute, which I financed myself, began its journey to Grand Roy Government School..

On 12/07/2006 n I visited Grenada and had the opportunity to visit Grand Roy Government School at the invitation of the then Grenadian Government’s Minister of Education and Human Development, the Honourable Claris Charles. I was able to see for myself, the good use to which every item, which had been donated and shipped , was put to good use see images http://www.grenadarelief.co.uk. A new website is being created to reflect the social entrepreneurial interests of a charitable company whose profits will be used to sustain the Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation ,registered Scottish charity SCO39331

I have established contact with the 32 Scottish local Education Authorities as further sources of supply – six of which are providing me with educational resources surplus to their requirements: -Argyll and Bute Council( (2005), Fife Council ( 20006-2008), and Midlothian Council( 2007), West Lothian Council ( 2008) ,West Dunbartonshire Council( 2010) ,Edinburgh City Council ( 2010)

02/12/06 Fife Warehousing Company Ltd. Kirkcaldy helped me to transport and store part of the donation of resources from 2 schools in Fife. At the beginning of 2007 at their Hayfield Industrial Estate .At my own expense I shipped this time a 40’container load of these resources to Calliste Government School,Calliste,St George’s Grenada,W.I WH Malcolm Transport Ltd ,The MalcolmGroup Containerbase Linwood/Elderslie is presently storing 5 of my 40’ocean freight container loads of educational resources for me at their depot. WH Malcolm Ltd) also helped transport a donation of resources from a West Lothian School on 27/12/2006 and are currently storing a 20’container load of educational resources which I hope will soon be delivered to Schools in Bluefields, Costa Caribena ,Meso America in 2011. And this transport firm have also agreed to allow the charity to temporarily store some of its containers prior to shipment at their Linwood depot.

John McKirdy Haulage Rothesay collected pallet loads of library books from Stirling District libraries and boxes from Edinburgh Morningside library. And recently over four hundred and fifty boxes of books( Adult and Children’s Non-Fiction,Fiction) in February 2011 from the local library here in Rothesay,Isle of Bute These firms gave their assistance without charge.

On 19/01/2007 my third ocean freight container of surplus educational resources from Fife’s Department of Education, which I financed, left on its journey to Calliste Government School, Calliste, St George’s, Grenada, W.I

On 11/06/2007 I became a member of The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce where I thought I might obtain commercial advice, and make contact with business people who might have provided my project with assistance….

On 04/07/2007 I attended and successfully completed my first Speed Net Working Marathon at The Hub, organised by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, where I met and interacted with over twenty-three business people . In Particular the marketing manager of Lofthus Signs Ltd and the general manager of Bishops Move. Both of these firms subsequently, were able to grant my charity pro bono assistance. In first instance preparing a large logo for one of my containers and recently for the signage done for the charity’s move to Unit 12 , West Shore Business Centre ,Long Craig Rigg Road ,Granton ,EH51QT in March 2010 . Bishop’s Move assisted my charity with the loading one of my charity’s 40’ ocean freight containers with secondary school classroom furniture salvaged from St Andrew’s High School Clydebank in July2008
I have received media coverage (Grenada Broadcasting Network)for this social entrepreneurial project in Grenada, when I visited the island for a second time in July 2007.and from the Scottish Press: The Buteman, The Herald , and The Fife Free Press see GOOGLE

I established contact and visited St Paul’s Government Schoolin 2007 known as The Model School, in the parish of St George, Grenada, W.I, who received a 40’ ‘ocean freight container of educational resources which was awaiting shipment from Sterling Yacht Services Ltd’s boatyard at Port Bannatyne and was be shipped from Grange Dock Port of Grangemouth to Kingston Jamaica and on to St George’s Grenada ,W.I.in August and later three mor40’containers of educational resources in ,2007, 2008 ,2009,2011,2016 at my own expense and corporate pro bono assistance with logistics.

I have made contact with one business in Grenada – Geo .F. Huggins &Co. (G’DA) Ltd. who have contributed in part to the cost of the transport of the above shipment .http://www.hugginsgrenada.com. Many companies have given their generous support to the work of this initiative. In particular see “ Call For Surplus School Supplies To be Donated.” By Simon Bain , The Herald,Monday July 13,2009

6/09/2007 40’ container of educational resources delivered to St Paul’s Government school St Paul’s Grenada ,W.I.

06/02/2008 the Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation was incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a private limited company No.337348

23/2/2008 My charitable initiative Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation received official charitable status from The Scottish Charity’s Regulator and has been entered on the Scottish Charity Register with the charity number SCO39331

16/09/2008 40’container of educational resources delivered to the Grenada Boys Secondary School ( GBSS).I financed this shipment from my own funds.

07/11/2009 1Pallet ( 1cubicmetre 1000kg 40 boxes) educational books deliverd Oficina de Enlaces de la Costa Caribena ,Centro Civico Camilo,Ortega ,Managua ,Ministerio de Educacion de Nicaragua ,Meso America .I financed this shipment from my own funds . But the pro bono assistance of the John G.Russell Transport Ltd whose firm collected the boxes books from the Elizafield Industrial Estate in Edinburgh and brought them to their transport depot in Coatbridge prior too shipment was crucial.

25/11/2009 40’ container of educational resources were delivered to GBSS. I financed this shipment from my own funds.

01/04/2010 Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation became the tenant of Unit 12 West Shore Business Centre,Longcraig Rigg,Granton, Edinburgh ,EH51QT . Leased from Waterfront Edinburgh Limited rent free until 31/03/2011

03/07/2010 The Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation made arrangements with West Dunbartonshire Council, to load one of the charity’s 40’ ocean freight containers with primary school educational resources from Golden Hill Primary School, Goldenhill, Hardgate,Clydebank. Some of the resources collected that day have subsequently been shipped to a school in Ghana , see www.IT4Africa.com
West Africa That this council considered surplus to their education system’s requirements This salvage could not have been accomplished without the pro bono,and goodwill assistance of InterServe Projects Ltd ,Birmingham and Alan Galt Transport Ltd,Dumbarton .

13 /09/2010 Recently my charitable company was able to access the assistance of another team of five individuals from the Community Services Criminal Justice Department at the Muirhouse Social Work Centre, to work in Unit 12 the charity’s industrial storage unit in Edinburgh. Over the past three years. It has also received vital help with the uplift and loading of containers from Community Services teams from their units in Glenrothes and Barrhead. The leader of this charitable company has worked alongside these teams in the loading of the containers and when ever possible has sought the cooperation of these young people and explained why the assistance they gave, was essential in achieving the charity’s objectives.

11/05 /2011 Offers of large quantities of textbooks from the English ,Science Social Sciences departments of The Greenock Academy and The Gourock High School,Notre Dame High School,and Port Glasgow High School,Inverclyde Council .Corporate pro bono support from:- Riverside Inverclyde Properties Ltd.ClydePort Container Base; James Walker Devol Engineering Ltd ;National Semi Conductor( Texas Instruments); .Morrisons SuperStores and The Volunteer Centre Inverclyde ,have made the acceptance of this amazing offer possible.

19/11/2011 Delivered a 40’ ocean freight container of educational resources up lifted from four Scottish Primary schools to the Samaritan Presbyterian Primary School Union,St Mark Grenada, West Indies and donated $1000 US to the school from the sale of that container to the school for the purchase of new curricular materials


What have people have said:-

“We are very thankful for the items received on behalf of the school. The filing cabinets are very important items received, since we do not have any storage facility for important documents after hurricane Ivan. There are some very important pieces of items, which will be placed into use from tomorrow. There were shortage of chairs and tables, so students will be more comfortable now. The chalkboards would assist in the assembly hall since we have lost the screens separating the classrooms so adequate use will be made of those sent.
…. There is nothing that has come that won’t be useful.”
Janice Thomas, Principal of Grand Roy Government school extract from a letter 19/10/2005

“David’s initiative is growing at the same time as the Global Campaign for
Education is launched to promote education as a basic human right and put pressure on governments to provide free, compulsory basic education.
…David Hanschell’s plan to ship educational equipment to Grenada could be the ultimate school recycling scheme’’
Leanna Maclarty article in Herald Society Supplement 05/06/2007 ‘Hands-and a Few Container Loads-Across the Ocean.

“ It is evident that you are making great progress regarding the recycling of surplus educational supplies and that with each successful venture, another project emerges. May I take this opportunity to commend you for all the hard work and effort you have put into making these projects succeed.”
Extract from a letter 04/07/2007 from Alan Reid member of Parliament for Arygll and Bute, House of Commons, London, SW1A0AA

“…Since his retiral, David has worked tirelessly for the cause and has even invested in his own ocean freight containers which are taken to Grangemouth ready to begin the two week journey to the Caribbean…..meanwhile David Hanschell says he has been overwhelmed by the help he has received from Fife Council Staff Community Service Teams ,as well as Transport Firms who have stored and transported the goods in some cases free of charge. ”
Liz Rougvie,article , ‘Old School Equipment Bound For The Caribbean’,Fife Today,23 December 2009

Councillor Terry Loughran convener of Inverclyde Council’s Education and Life long Learning Committee said:
“The commitment David has shown over a number of years and the effort he has put in has made a difference al lover the world is astonishing. He is providing a service to the people of Inverclyde by using books we no longer need .If any of our books can go out there and make a difference then that is positive. Education opens the mind .We are also giving access to unoccupied warehouses on a month to month basis and we’re glad to see unoccupied buildings being used.”
Paul John Coulter article, “School Books saved for kids in Africa” Greenock Telegraph,Thursday ,11August 2011.

“Where others see problems SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS see OPPORTUNITY. They are not driven simply driven by the perception of a social need or by their compassion, rather they have a VISION of how to achieve improvement and they are determined to make their vision work. ….Entrepreneurs create VALUE.
J.Gregory Dees
The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship May30th 2001
“ Every great cause is born from repeated failures and imperfect achievements.”
Maria Montessori

“Entrepreneurs create Jobs –not Governments.’’ Peter Cochrane
“ Companies are more than money making machines .They should have a SOUL .A RESPONSIBILITY to their PEOPLE and the SOCIETY they serve.”
Peter Cochrane
“I don’t view WEALTH as something that validates my intelligence.”
Steve Jobs
“ Entrepreneurs do not just manage budgets to create value ,they leverage VALUE to create BUDGETS.” Ronald Coleman
“ You don’t want to run out of FAVOURS David.”
Barry G.Ayre .A mentor ( Founder and Chairman of First Port).

CV David Miles-Hanschell
Delhi Cottage,19Craigmore Road ,Isle of Bute, pA209LB,Scotland,United Kingdom
Tel.no 01700503397 mob .07979551946
Main Qualifications;-
BA Dallhousie Uniiversity 1970;PGCE, Moray House College of Education 1975; B.Ed Hons 2:2.StrathclydeUniversity 1995.Current Driving Licence.

Main Experience;
1.Forty years wide and varied experience as a Primary Educator in schools in NovaScotia. Canada and in Scotland.
Current Member of the General Teaching Council for Scotland.Certificate of Full Registration .Registation NO.0102931-2 Teacher,s Reference NO.75-5639.

2. Considerable experience and interest in, extra curricular school activities with an emphasis on environmental education.Sunnyside Primary School Craigend won Glasgow Rose Bowl competition in 1981.Runners Up 1982.

3.During University and College courses and throughout my career and between posts have gained useful knowledge and experience in a number of jobs in Landscape Gardening ,and Construction Site Security

.4.Set up and currently run a Scottish registered Charity SCO39331 The Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation. whose objective is the supply of fit for purpose educational resources to impoverished schools in the Developing World.htttp://www.haitirelief.org.uk See Face book page for more up to date information

Career To Date:-

1975 –1982 Primary School Teacher. Employed by Glasgow District Council Education Authority at Sunnyside Primary School ,Craigend,Glasgow

1982-1983 Studied at Capernwray Hall Short Term Bible School and The Summer Institute of Linguistics.

1983-1984 Worked for the Christian Literature Crusade in France as a book packer and construction site labourer on a refurbishment project to create a new bookstore..

1984 -1986 I resumed my Primary School Teaching Career with Glasgow District Council Education Department as a temporary /supply Teacher on my return to Glasgow, in Primary Schools across the length and breadth of the City.
1986-1990 I was awarded a permanent Teaching contract with Glasgow District Council’s Education Department in Lochgoin Primary School ,Drumchapel.
1990-2006 Argyll&Bute Councils, education department Primary Schools until retirement. Rothesay Primary School ,1990-1991; Sandbank Primary School,1991-1992;North Bute Primary School 1992-2006.

I set up and run on an almost 24/7 basis my self-funded foundation, Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation, SCO39331 for which I work unpaid.

2011-2012 I enrolled on the nine month four days per week Level 5 SQA, AccessTo Construction Skills course, at Argyll College, Rothesay Isle of Bute campus.Which I completed successfully. in 2012.NPA Plumbing and Construction Course West of Scotland College Paisley Campus 2015-2016 Level 5 SQA completed successfully.

2011-2012 During my time on that course on a Tuesday my day off from above and at the weekends
I site managed and financed and worked on the refurbishment of the former post office Old Bank premises opposite Scott’s ship yard 38 East Hamilton Way Greenock .and set up a book storage unit These books were shipped in one of my Containers to The National Education Trust ,Ministry of Education ,Government of Jamaica W.I in November2014.Thanks to the generosity of,Freightliner Container Terminal ,Coatbridge ,Scotland Sea Freight Agencies Lines ,Miami USA
2012-2013 I Organised a collection of educational resources salvaged from Inverclyde Primary,Secondary Schools and James Watt College and shipped from ClydePort Ocean Terminal Greenockin one of my foundation’s 40’ocean freight containers to Monrovia,The Republic of Liberia,West Africa. See web page www.grenadarelief.co.uk and attachment

2012-2014 Set up and ran the charity bookshop The Book Store Units 8& 10 Hamilton Way, the Oak Mall Shopping Centre Greenock.
2013 Shipped a 40’high cube container of donated educational resources from Inverclyde Council Primary and Secondary Schools to The Republic of Liberia West Africa

2014-2015 Organised a 40’high cube ocean freight container shipment of educational resources salvaged from Inverclyde Council Schools and West College Scotland Greenock Campus to the Ministry of Education Government of Jamaica Kingston,Jamaica West Indies from Clyde Port Ocean Terminal Greenock .

I am currently oganising a 40’ high cube ocean freight container shipment of educational resources from Clyde Port Ocean Terminal Greenock loaded with mateials I have salvaged salvaged from Inverclyde ,East Dunbartonshire ,East Ayrshire Primary and Secondary Schools to be delivered in March 2016 to two Grenada Government Schools undergoing refurbishment and rebuild of The Woburn Methodist School,in Woburn Village,Grenada,West Indies.

2015-2016 Currently enrolled on the SQA Levl 5,National Plumbing Association /Construction course of full time study at formerly Reid Keir,College now West College Scotland, Paisley Campus.which I intend to complete successfully later this year.Completed course successfully in June 2016 .Three of my fellow students unloaded inventoried and reloaded my 40’high cube container 30/03/2016,01/04/2016 prior to its shipment to the Woburn Methodist School,Woburn,St George ,Grenada,W.I on 12/04/2016 see Facebook page.
December helping to set up new website http://www.haitirelief.org.uk