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About David

David Miles-Hanschell

D avid transports unwanted educational supplies from all over Scotland, which would otherwise have been dumped, to much needed and useable supplies for schools in such countries as Grenada, Nicaragua, Ghana, The Gambia, Liberia,Tanzania, and Syrian refugee camp.

His tireless work has transformed many classrooms around the world. It is nothing short of amazing just how many useable school supplies such as computers, books and furniture are thrown on the skips.

David actively seeks out these supplies and re-cycles them by using containers to ship them all over the world to schools desperate for such items.


The commitment David has shown over a number of years and the effort he has put in has made a difference all over the world, it is astonishing. He is providing a service to the people of Inverclyde by using books we no longer need. If any of our books can go out there and make a difference then that is positive—education opens the mind.”

Terry Loughran